TRAVELING-ITALY-ENGLAND-PURPS-86450033-2I took a thorn out of this horses hair. The thorn was wrapped around his head like a crown of thorns and he looked like a Jesus-horse. He followed me around town to thank me for removing the annoying thorns on his head. It was like he wanted to return the favor somehow.

TRAVELING-ITALY-ENGLAND-PURPS-86430025While Jesus-horse was following me, I walked over to a pony and gave it an apple. Jesus-horse watched the whole event and got incredibly jealous and jumped into the air while letting out a visible fart on the little pony below. The little pony and I ran away in fear.


Jesus-horse galloped away into the New Forest bush and disappeared into the fog. After a few minutes, I gave the same pony another piece of fruit since he was startled off and I noticed Jesus-horse watching from behind a bush. He dragged his back hoofs on the dirt aggressively. Jesus-horse reveiled a very real human-like jealousy.


This is the pony that was farted on. The bigger horses seemed to hate this guy. They would quickly charge him in groups of four, it was like a horse drive by.

TRAVELING-ITALY-ENGLAND-PURPS-86430012They chased the little pony for about twenty feet, made aggressive horse sounds, ┬áthen continued onward into the fog towards the forest. Every half an hour, they would make another round. Horses don’t have equal rights yet.

TRAVELING-ITALY-ENGLAND-PURPS-86450027Ponies aren’t small horses destined to be big horse, Ponies are at their full size when they are at full Pony size. This is a full sized pony. About 2 1/2 feet tall.


To be honest, wild horses don’t really care to be around humans. It’s like they know how humans have enslaved their race. New Forest was like planet of the Apes but with horses instead of Monkeys.


Wild Horses are a lot like wild humans. Free all animals and let them be wild and human-like, like us.

And Equal rights to all ponies, inter-galacticly.