So I don’t mean to brag but I made friends with the coolest kids in Osaka. Coolest skaters in the world, and we drank the weirdest alcoholic drinks with enough sugar in them to get an instant cavity.

But on a side note to that, I also met the coolest monkeys in the world. And by cool, I mean mellow.

Mellow, because in a place like Japan where people give respect to everything and every creature, you get monkeys that walk right up to you as a human, and aren’t afraid. My belief is that the Japanese were our first Ambassadors as humans to these monkeys in Japan, and as humans they are great Ambassadors. In Osaka, there is even a place where deer walk right up to you and eat from your hand. They should win an Ambassadors to the animal kingdom award.

In America, our Ambassadors to the animal kingdom are red necks with long range sniper rifles. Animals run for there lives here in America when they see a human. And with good reason.

From now on, I vote the Japanese to be our first interactions with new species. If aliens come to earth in the next few years, the world should politely send a Japanese person to do the greeting and talking. Unless aliens look like dolphins.

Chopper was a friend I made from the Osaka Daggers. He is kinda a leader of sorts because when you want to play a game of skate, he rounds the troops. Heres a video of him shredding:

Chopper and Dal. Creative skaters of the finest degree.

Dal is awesome!!!


This is their store where they promote the daggers and hand screen print their shirts.

These videos capture the essence of the Osaka Daggers. Now to reveal something really amazing. They are all around 40 years old and shred harder than ever every night. It’s a new meaning of what it means to be 40 or even 30 for that matter.





I climbed the great monkey mountain. It is now safe for the Chilean-jew to greet a macaque, the Japanese have done their jobs, but if you stare at them for five or more seconds, they will attack you.

And they did attack me. I have a camera that sometimes takes a while to focus and they lunged at me a few times. One just sprayed water on me.









Monkeys aren’t so coy when it comes to swimming with the Koi fish.

The baby macaque is treated very well so he will grow big and strong. Some of the adults treat him so well they will even got the extra mile to suck his caque.

This macaque made me sad. He was the “go to,” family portrait monkey. But with respect to the japanese ambassadors, he bows his head and takes one for the team.