Jamaica is a place that can both be intimidating and welcoming at the same time. You don’t find much fake kindness in Jamaica which makes it a great place in my eyes. It’s a place I wanted to return to as soon as I left. Most people spend their vacations at a resort in Montego Bay, which I got a little taste of, but it was nothing compared to the much more interesting communities around Kingston and Portmore. Even the beaches in Portmore were better. There is a very exciting youth in Jamaica which I became very jealous of. The young women wear almost nothing as they head to the local Dance Hall beach parties that start at 1am while the young men show up in packs of ten wearing colorful outfits and pre gamed with so many blunts that only the music is audible. If I could turn back time, I would have loved to be brought up in such a community. Here are some pictures I shot while working on a documentary about the current Dancehall scene in Jamaica.

A beach in Portmore.

Kiesha was like the Beyonce of Portmore.

We followed Kiesha around to get a better understanding of the Dance hall scene through the eyes of a every night party goer.

This is her crew.

Getting dolled up for a local Dancehall party.

Pink lipstick is a must for the Kiesha crew.

Codine Williams was our producer/guide on the trip who talked the talk and walked the walk.

Andy Capper just finished a Snoop Dog documentary in Jamaica which you will hear about very soon.

I told Kiesha that she looked like she could be a power ranger. I don’t know if she liked my compliment.


Gaza Crew in Gaza City located in Portmore.

Tropical Storm happened in a flash the following day.

I-Octane is a dance hall performer, seen here in front of  the studio where he rehearsed for his big show at Sumfest.

Popcaan is another huge dance hall performer at the moment in Jamaica who also played Sumfest.

We had a great day with the Gaza crew and shot two music videos in their neighborhood that will be coming out soon. Be on the look out.