I spent the last month wondering around China working on a few documentary pieces and learning about how massive China is. Everything is massive in China. From the restaurants to the shopping malls. I only got to see the Eastern part of China, but I can’t wait to return for the West. The stops we took were to: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. Here are some of the pictures from that trip.

Building of the future. Shanghai – 7:00 am

My trouble maker roommate contemplating his next move.

This is not happening in my hotel room, I swear…no…really, ok fine…you caught me.

Yes, monkeys ride bikes to work in China. The myth is true.

Early morning McDonalds delights.

Shopping area in Shanghai.

Not as bad as it looks, actually, way better than it looks.

This doll was six year old child size. Pretty creepy.

This is Homer Simpson’s new donut shaped apartment.

Hitler inspired play.

The Chinese have a boogie man too.

This is what Chinese dive bar bathrooms look like.

It was painful to watch Chinese calligraphy.

This place had salmonella poisoning written all over it.

Japan isn’t Japan without Yuka from Triple Nipple.

We stayed in Shinjuku which is where all the host clubs are located. The hosts bring people into the clubs rain or shine.

Cherry blossom festival.

At the cherry blossom festival a lot of alcohol poisoning injuries occurred.

Should we do it? Should we Karaoke?


Yuka is amazing at Blondie songs.

The East is a vast place to explore but they are no longer strangers in my mind. Cheers to the East.