Assisted by Al Cu IN and Thalia Mavros


Traveling across Indonesia in an airplane, you get to see the amazing volcanoes that rise out of the clouds, and you begin to think of probably everyones favorite movie, Congo. I did.

This is a member of the Waria, an elite group of lady boys/ lady men/ grandma granddads. Did I forget to mention they are also Muslim? We did a documentary on them for VBS coming sometime in a few months. Keep an eye out. It’s going to be awesome.

This is a years growth and going. I urged him to continue his journey.

We also did a piece on a mass circumcision festival they did in Medan, Indonesia, on the Island of Sumatra. We followed this boy on his journey of becoming a man. The ceremony lasts all day and around 2,700 boys were circumcised.

These are his Parents.

The festival started out with a lot of excitement, but when things went underway, everything turned dark, and the children were not so stoked. The pain will hopefully be the hardest pain they go threw in life, which I think is partially how they become men. After this traumatizing experience they begin to have a new out look on life. It’s a hard world.

The rain came out as the boys became men, but the boys who stayed boys, decided to let loose and splash their foreskin covered penis’s around while they still can.