So I just got back from a 30 day trip threw Europe. It was cool and stuff. I was working on a documentary called Skate Europe Season 2 for VBS with my friend Chris Grosso. I was the filmer and Chris was the producer. It comes out in Febuary so keep an eye out, it’s gonna be sick. Anyways I got this folder medium format camera in the mail 2 hours before I left for the trip and took some photos when I wasn’t filming.
So here are some photos.
PS: Welcome back

We crashed at Pontus Alv’s house when we got to Malmo Sweden. He woke us up every morning with a fruit smoothie, orange juice, cream cheese and cucumbers on toast, and a cup of coffee. It was a great way to start the day.

This was a bowl he built which the city came and destroyed. But now they Love skateboarding in Malmo and even have a skateboard school.

This is the Pontus crew of homie skater’z. Very official!

Some cool kids hanging out at the spot.

Stockholm, 11:34am.


This guy is named Love, but pronounced Louvre. He was really cool and hit up this front tail with ease.

Art Room in Denmark.

There was a pretty legit fingerboard park next to this pretty legit skate park.

These guys made a sick photo book called the Sheralton Years. Its about skating in the parking garage of the Sheralton Hotel back in the day in Stockholm. This photo was taken of them at the Sheralton parking lot.

This guy captured most of the skate scene in Denmark back in the 80’s, 90’s and nowD’s.

This is Alain Saavedra, a gnarly skater from Bilboa, Spain. We smoked a lot of hash while hanging out with him.

Copnhagen, 9:30am

Mac is the man. He has a website called He films and edits things together like a pro.

This is a Vale-drone that surrounds a sick skatepark in Spain. I took this one for Marzyo.

Always always traveling makes me always always sleepy. I took this when we got to this hotel in Rome.

Rome, 12:35pm

Tre-flip in Milan.


Two police officers roamed into the foreground as I took this photo. I think there is a photo god.

Giorgio Zattoni is one of the big Italian pros that came to the US. He used to ride for Powell and now he is a personal trainer but still rips at skating.

London, 1:23pm

This was a news film crew filming at the Tate Modern museum. The videographer had sick steez.

This is inside one of those double decker bus’s. My friend Daniel Tapper showed me around London and some of the sick skate spots.

This Chaplin impersonator might have been better than the original. He was really good and funny and dressed a random kid from the crowd like himself.

Mustache and all.

There were many street performers near the London Eye Ferris Wheel.

London, 11am

I followed this old woman around for a while since she interested me so much. I watched her stare at the Big Ben for a long time, then walked across the street and watch it some-more, then she stole a newspaper and disappeared into the subway. I think she’s my guardian angel, but she didn’t want to tell me yet.

English Puppy, 3:30pm

Daniel Tapper let me crash with him at his girlfriend Thea’s apartment. They were both so hospitable and kind. I wish I had a photo of her. Wait I do. Heres one from when they came to New York and we went to Montauk right before this whole trip.

Montauk, 30 days back in time.

London, 30 days forward in time, Daniel took the day off from school to show me around on my last day before I went back to New York. I’ll miss him and Thea and hopefully one day they will both move to New York. Any modeling agencies wanna give my friend Daniel Tapper some gigs in New York? Well goodbye Europa…thanks for having me.

Special thanks to Chris Grosso, Vice and Vans for letting me go on this fantastic journey.