After a few long tiresome days of editing, the Sweet Tooth Nelson Music Video is finally complete. Here are a few pictures French Diana and Brandon Bales took during the filming of the music video…

Me…showing off my sweet guns.

ST walking threw puddles. Is water foreshadowing? english teacher said it was.

This is Diana with her camera and her awesome shorts. She is kinda like the girl version of Basquiat in my eyes.

We waited for the right weather at first, but then we said the hell with it and started filming.

It was a very laid back shoot.

Brett got down and dirty in the mud between the corn stalks.

RELOAD. Luckily this went smoothly and the film didn’t get too exposed. I think my hat helped.

Miho, the Pyro Technic busted out his skills and delt with fire and safety of fire. We were scared the whole corn field was gonna go up in flames. That woulda been a cool shot though.


We stuck some toilet paper in a hole we made in the guitar and smothered it with gasoline. Worked out pretty well.

Brett was mad at me so he threw the broken guitar in my direction. Luckily my force field was working.

Brandon Bales let us borrow his Grandfather for the video. He was the harmonica player who in my mind, symbolizes Brett when he is older. But you can come up with your own story. I had ten feet of film left for this scene, which is like nothing. But it worked out.

22bug camera
A moth flew onto my camera and blessed the music video. I think it’s blessings worked.

That’s a wrap. Party Time! Or maybe sleep. I forgot what happened after.

Here’s the video….enjoy.