I DP’d this music video for a awesome band named Int’l Shades that my friend Gregg Eggebeen directed and I took photos with one hand and filmed with the other. So this is that…

This is a film I made with my friend Peters cat. I love this cat sooo much. No animals were hurt only cleaned. And I made the depressing piano music.

cat in a bath “The Torture Room” from danilo Parra on Vimeo.

Una Poema

i wrote this poem at work…

i pick my nose
a lot, a lot.
its so nice
its so hot.

i love the feeling
of thick dry snot.
but its so hard
to not get caught.

it feels kinda bad
a little bit naughty.
to look at the buger
that came from my body.

but another will grow
like little seeds.
i pick my nose
until it bleeds.