Lost in Jewmangi

When I first moved to Brooklyn, the Jewish neighborhoods were the most amazing thing to me. I used to walk around them and get lost. The streets would go diagonal and get all weird on me and I would spend hours trying to figure out if I was going back in the direction of Williamsburg, or if I was getting myself lost in Jewmangi.

So I brought my camera into the Jewish neighborhoods during my explorations and tried to take some photographs while I was there.

Wwweirdness for Halloween

with the new updates coming to lovebryan i wanted to start by making a new danilo blog. first off this blog will now only be things i think about in the form of textual intercourse and party fotos that i take of myself with other people who are squeezed into the foreground. im gonna start off with a bad joke i wrote…

A guy walks up to a Priest:

Guy: if you believe in god, why aren’t you entertaining him? if you know he’s looking down at you, why don’t you learn to juggle for him or something?
Priest: i do entertain him.
Guy: oh yeah, how so?
Priest: i molest children.

you should be impressed when people are impressed by you.
i feel so misunderstood when people understand me.