Old Fotos..Cold Fotos..

Tigra goes to cat heaven

When I went home for thanksgiving, life for my cat Tigra was not so thankful. She was diagnosed with cancer in her ear drum that was slowly creeping to her brain. She couldnt control her bladder and she shook her head every 20 seconds. So my mom, as tuff as she always is, called me and said we have to put Tigra to sleep when you come home. So I took my camera to remember Tigras last moments.

Patrick was very affected as he was the one who picked out Tigra from the animal adoption center about 14 years ago. The cat I picked is still kicking though. But I have always liked Tigra better. So here are some fotos of this dramatic event in my families life. Please listen to Beethovens 5th while you look at these fotos..ciao

This is a foto of Tigra after her heart stopped. Her eyes went pitch black. RIP Tigra.

Fotos Of Farry

My friend Farry from England is going back on wednesday. He asked me to take some pictures of him for his portfolio when he goes back to his Kingdom. 5 mintues later I got a call from Brett Nelson..who works at a studio…and Brett asked if I wanted to mess around with lights at his studio that night…so this is what came of that…ciao

Updated drawing

Mark Farry..more to come….

smell ya later!