NY Pics

these are my first pics in new york. i have some meduim format projects im gonna start soon. but here are some 35mm shots of what i have seen and been around out hurrr.

Hazel enjoys summertime

hazel is the lady who lives across the street from me and used to watch me skateboard in front of my house. she is always on her lawn and always a great conversation. heres her picture.

i just drew…..

my cat

my cat Tigra is slowly getting older and older. she has many cuts on her face and her legs are very poor. I cannot afford to take her to a hospital to get a surgery she needs to survive. in 30 days i plan on killing my cat unless I can raise 100,000,000 dollars for the surgery and other farraries. jk i just wanted to show this picture i took of Tigra many a while ago. thats all.