If you liked the fotos from my trip to Africa, then you’ll love Chad McClymondes fotos from the same trip. We traveled together and saw the same stuff through different eyes and cameras. Chad just got back from a year stay in Ghana and these are his pictures from his trip. Ps: thats him in the foto in front of the Mosque. PS: he’s getting married to a Ghanian girl soon. Ps: Chad is my BFF. Ps: there are too many fotos of me since i’m posting these pics. Ps: I havent played PS 3 yet. anyone have one?

The other night i helped out on a Terri Timely music video shoot. here are some pics from that. and some of my friend Jasmin and her room. ciao….

my brother and i have been collaborating on a few peices of art over the past 5 months. we have kept the peices a secret until now. here are a few samples of our collaborative efforts. more to come.