shot from the airplane on the way to begin my journey. total hours: about 30.

another shot from the plane. i had window seats my whole trip and was right by the wing too. i guess i was the wing man.

taken from a top the gran mosque in Augadez, Niger.

Some of the locals right after church celebrating the new year. Some had never seen a white boy before.

The beggars beg on the left side of the bus and the street venders sell on the right side of the bus whenever the bus stops.

this is where the elephants and other animals come to drink water. our tour guide on the safari in Ghana carried a rifle for our protection.

This is the oldest Mosue in Ghana.

some of the local rats make a local dish.

some men at work fixing a flat tire. flat tires happen all the time.

There are many giant vultures. they eat trash mostly. and they are a sign of misfurtune and death.

soccer is soooooo big in ghana. they kept pushing in my face that Ghana beat the US in the world cup.

I bought my mom a drum from this guy. he made all that stuff.

More soccer kids. I schooled a few then lost the ball when they all charged me. Augadez, Niger.

Ghana 12pm

My homie Dkay. A great poet and musician. Accra, Ghana

The church choir in Do DO Umum Frum, Ghana…aka: DINE

This is the Gran Mosque in Augadez, Niger.

This is a happy goat in the shade.

Agadez, Niger 8 a.m.

This man is from sudan and seaks refuge in Augadez, Niger.

Another foto taken from atop the Gran Mosque.

The border drivers wanted to be in a photo with Chad and the guy up top didnt want to be left out. Border of Burkina Faso and Niger.


This is a local camera guy in Dine, Ghana. The boy with the tire behind him forgot to dust off his but when he stood up.

A young girl at the chop bar where you eat traditional filling meals for less than 50 cents.

Wheres Waldo?

Niamey, Niger.

This bus driver reminded me of Serge Gainsbourg. He was badass.

The goats rubbed up against the walls to scracth themselves and to be in the shade.

This lady sells propane for the villages without electricity.

This Toureg character made me buy a bracelet from him, so i made him pose for me.

People love hanging out on the stoops while watching there friends pass on by.

Good save!

This guy was quiet and shy but had a good face.

My good friend Alfred who had a great sense of humor.

Tallying money for the church and harvests.


The houses are so old you can kick them and they’ll crumble down. This is what happened when i kicked this house.

These are some important people in the village.

My one true crush. She was the girl who worked at the internet cafe. So beautiful.

Chad does laundry the hard way. Its really not so hard.

Some kids hold up a goats jaw in Augadez, Niger.

Developed in Burkina Faso. I hope i can fix this in the dark room.

A little parade threw Augadez, Niger. I think its a daily parade.

A old woman cooks outside her home in Dine, Ghana.

Just a way to get from point A to point B.

This guy just looked so perfect here on his barrel enjoying the sun. Augadez, Niger.

A little boy cleans his fathers working boots. Dine, Ghana