my skate video

some more from same roll

im using some 2 year old film right now so most of it looks kinda blue. i did fix the colors a bit, but you can tel the film has an old look.

my homie tyler

chad and domino


chads feet

alex lucio, soccer bud

my dad is 49 years old and he still plays.

this foto turned out a little scary looking

my firned arron


kinda grainy

best drawler in my sketcing class. his name is Jung and he’s from South Korea.

the end

new roll

here are some fotos of my roomate and brain aka: love bryan. there are more of bryan fotos to come but i need to finish a roll. hope you likey!

oh yeah, those are my glasses! HARRY…..its okay we share…even perscriptions

my roomies and i!

damn who dat!

oh shit!