it’s been awhile. but i am going to try harder from now on. since it is MAY and we are on the cusp of summertime, i went back to see what happened LAST summer. here are the highlights:

kari still lived here and the weather was good enough for rompers. the weather right now is getting there. my thighs, not so much.

hallie visited after riding her bike from here to LA for the AIDS ride.

she was pretty bruised up. this better make front page bryan.

chelsea hallie bob sandwich in my blooming yard.

alison and i played some shows. red victorian.

went to see my friend helene renaut play at the edinburgh castle.

WHAT THE? i know. chris and elise modeled for their friend vintage fashion show/sale. yep, LEATHER short shorts.

you will never see them like this again…because soon they have a wardrobe change.

kari tried on a romper. nothing is better than a romper.


new morning benders style?

living mannequins.

no words. well, a lot of words. but dirty ones.

and then i found a david bowie labyrinth shirt. elise was stoked. or possessed.

my friends jordan and sam came to visit me at my berkeley house.

i said let’s get lunch. sam, who makes a living playing music on the street in New Orleans said he’d have to busk before he could get lunch. so i took them to the farmer’s market.

found a spot next to the guy offering worm tasting.

and they made some lunch money.

my parents put on a house show in their backyard. 50+ guests and an awesome lineup. starting with mountain bride who are like a modern-day carter family. although half moved to nashville since, you can hear their old stuff there.

sara plays the saw like it’s no one’s business. i don’t really understand that idiom. it seems like it’s my business since i’m watching it at my own house.

sam stopped by to play. when he rang the doorbell my mom asked if he wanted to take a shower and then she washed his clothes during the show. jewish.

then alison and i played. look at her face!

then everyone came on stage to play We Shall Be Released. my dad concocted that lighting with an old 80s lamp that we haven’t been able to get rid of and some cardboard boxes. he’s exception to the rule that jewish men aren’t handy.

the last harvest from my garden. they didn’t grow very much and they are crooked. yep- they definitely inherited my genes.

then the family went to kauai. on our farm there are lots of communal feasts.

akira pictures are BACK. she may look goofy here but the first time she went to the beach she walked up to the ocean and put her hands in prayer position and bowed. she’s reincarnated for sure.

she doesn’t let the tropics mess with her steez. camo pants and vans.

justin gave everyone on the farm a breakdancing lesson in the yoga room. akira did her own thing.

she always does her own thing.

friends of ours spent the last few years building this island eden. it’s main concern is not with the essentials, but rather with the totally unessentials that make a mansion a mansion.

for example, the pool changes colors every few seconds at night. and when you dive in there is classical music playing UNDERNEATH the water. god, my house blows. all my pool does is serve as a bathtub/toilet for a local pair of ducks. i need a job so that i too can have a house with now seemingly essential unessentials.

our friend vanessa has had 3 kids. THREE. i don’t know what my excuse is. i need a job AND a gym membership.

also the views at that house/heaven are terrible.

and the sunsets are just awful.
next time i go there, i might not come back.

blogging isn’t as hard as i had made it out to be in my head. i’m back.
bye blog
love chloe