i know i havent blogged in 12 years but i’m back. big time.

these are really old but i have an inability to blog out of chronological order so it’s flashback time. and obviously there is a lot of akira and no time for jokes.

haircuts have changed since circa september of last year. but my love for kari has not.

remember the time rachael and cary moved to spain? that sucked.

then people started dropping like flies. this is cameron’s going away party. rosemary’s hair was chopped soon after.

at any given time cameron was surrounded by like 50 girls.


quinn used her hair to see what elise would look like with long hair. HELLLooo.

we tried it on emmy too but she just looked like a jew with a bad straightening job.

sometimes we had craft parties. i made a book.

kari made shirts and obscene gestures.


everyone met up between classes at the local every wednesday. sweet fruit and sweet faces. kari, quinn, cora.

again with the obscenities.

anya at the local.

local ladies.

my friends are pretty blah blah blah. if i don’t get some ugly friends soon my blog will never change.

i used to look like that before i cut my hair. today i look a little like ringo.

alex visited one time and i gave him his birthday present.

he used to give me those grabber things in high school every year. and i always return the favor. the dinosaur ones are new though. how times change. nothing stays the same.

except that my friends are always pretty. boring.

chris and maggie. this picture is amazing.

god chelsea is such a xlushx. ha. when chelsea and i lived together i used to leave her little notes in which i put x brackets on xeveryx xsinglex xwordx. just to xirkx xherx.

chris and joe are always the life of the party.

emily maggie and eli have been sisters since high schools. and pretty since birth.

that’s emily’s dad on the computer screen. we were videochatting with him in japan.

akira came to my house in berkeley!

cutest child ever. akira is cute too.

aki is a surprisingly good photographer.

its like that documentary “my kid could paint that” only akira is actually a genius and she is painting her dad’s paintings, not the other way around.

aki saw that this fern was dying and asked if she could prune it. tummy!

two of my favorite humans drinking tea. huge cup or tiny baby?

triple kiss with aki.

lolo and i made vegan samosas. delicious.

i went to LA and then halloween happened. i was a cat which is odd because i am allergic and also i hate cats.

my sister was a peacock.

a boy peacock though b/c the girl ones are dumb and brown.

akira’s bday is on halloween so there was a massive children’s costume party. if you tell akira to smile this happens. popeye.

this is funny because lisa and steven work at bua studios and bua requires a lot of his employees. overtime.

the babies were all pretty cute and the colors were dizzying.


justin was a mouse. he looked more like a mouse than a mouse does.


vegan birds and mice and cats all getting along.

aki and kara.

starfish and stingray costumes.

there was some hired help. otherwise known as unemployed actors.

another customized costume, akira wanted a “mousey-fish.” frightening.

i’m pretty sure this guy was NOT hired to play “fishing for babies.” but he did it anyway.

unemployed actress #4.

there was a bouncy blow up tent thingy. it made me feel sick.

i immediately put my shoes back on but my equilibrium took a while to return.


following in her dad’s footsteps.

what if your job was to make these balloon hats? that would rule.

aki and her friend titi.

one of the oscar winners left his costume in the bedroom so my sis and i played dress-up…some more.

baby daddy.

like cinderella. the clock struck midnight and my sister went from peacock to whorecock. french prostitute?

and mousey got tired.

that’s so cute it’s weird.

bua’s best friend ruben. this looks cute but in reality ruben was saying: “ok you draw on THAT side of the line and i’ll draw on THIS side. it’s gonna be awesome.”

her style just gets better every year.

went to a murakami exhibit. blech. but akira liked it.

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