lots to catch up on. here goes. there’s a lot to post, so no time for witty banter or making fun of my friends. ..ok maybe a little time for the latter.

the sizes are a little messed up. oops. ok go.

nothing boosts my ego like watching people read my blogs and laugh. emmy and sam happen to be pretty whilst doing it.

oh yeah and then there’s kari when she reads them.

this is what happens when i let kari or emmy borrow my camera.

joe’s vagina.

got my camera back.

so i could shoot THIS. amazing.

emily’s new sweatsuit jacket. i.e. 90 year old jewish man in florida.

then we saw the morning benders at bottom of the hill.

it’s actually pretty weird how attractive my friends are. i dont fraternize with the uglies.

i cant keep my lips off their purty faces.

manning the merch table.


and lovebryan was here! and kari is a whooooooooooore. that’s some serious contact.

kari always acts like a lady.

me and bryan.

bryan took his place at the front of the crowd.

bending the morning.


we miss daniel. did you know that he enjoys pedicures? well you do now. and so do all the rest of the bancroft bombers.

emmy on the rhodes. it was off.

brittany and her sister chelsea are ethereal creatures. check out those eyes.

au revoir simone played. they weren’t the best but they were nice to look at.

pedicures. seriously.

earlier i said joe had a vagina. here’s the proof. god, “femalia” has really enhanced all of our lives.

emmy is adorable.

more fun with femalia. lesbian fun.

whoooooooooooooooooooo(re). also 90 year old gray vag? really? that’s weird.

rachael gave daniel a haircut.

brush your shoulders off.

i wasn’t to be outdone.

this will be my last rachie-cut for a while.

then daniel bid us farewell and left us for NY. i hate NY. steals all my friends.

alison and i practiced for our upcoming secret cafe gig.

rachie prepared to leave us for spain and threw party at her parents’.

she cooked us these vegan things.

and i got vegan boots.

i think rachael’s dad was mad about how far away spain is.

meanwhile, this happened. as per usual.

jason and anya.

just us girls!

the lovely couple heading for spain.

i smelled someone’s drink and got tipsy.

i accidentally put my thumb over the flash and THIS happened! so much fun to be had…

rachie’s new tattoo looks good in red.

red cora. rora! duh. combining words is the funnest.

rari and remily.

eli and chelsuck saw red.

chris still won’t admit it, but even in red we look alike.

this is the only time you’ll see me play sports.we jews aren’t particularly good at sports. but wi doesn’t seem to know that. it can mimic all my moves, but it has no jew-radar. i wasn’t the only jew having fun.

emily bowled so hard her arms fell off.

rosemary was overly excited about her newfound competitve strengths.

but after a while, wi figured us out when midnight struck and we turned back into jews.

my friends’ hotness never ceases to amaze me.

even in the light of day they look pretty damn good.

and you can’t get much cuter than cooball (emily).

we had a breakfast party at the channing house. rosemary made pancakes.

kari made fresh juice.

chris got domestic.

which is as rare as emily getting domestic. just kidding. my wiiiiiife!

rachael threw a secret cafe to say adios before leaving for spain. anyone who is anyone who is also hot was there.

the beautiful ladies of the beautiful house kindly allowed us all to invade for a night of merriment and good eats.

brian rogers and cary and i came early to be the sous chefs. rachael is a hard-ass and runs a real tight ship. between every step of cooking she makes you drink wine and tell jokes and make out. what? it was hard.

chelsuck and lolo are opposite people but come from the same arian stock. the only thing sullying this pure picture is my jew thumb that got in the frame.

alison and i also come from the same stock. matzoh ball soup stock.

sarah and alison.

i have no idea what we were so enthralled by but it looks like it was pretty amazing.

are stalagmites the ones that go up?

or down?

this is the menu for the vegan three-course meal we cooked. rachael’s creations.



still pretty!


pretty? wait for it…

KODAK MOMENT SO PRETTY IT HURTS ME. i know laughing at other people’s discomfort is bad, especially when they are your friend, but its just too good. but rachie you told me i HAD to blog with ALL the pictures so you could have them! plus rach, you already have a boyfriend and he still loves you even after he saw this, so he’s a keeper. i love you. so pretty.

in case you forgot, rachael usually looks like this.

or this.

or this. ok my job here is done.

we now return to our regularly scheduled programming: my friends are pretty.

slaving away in the kitchen.

learning from the master.

roasted bell pepper, young thai coconut, and nectarine soup. i know.

the chef and her admirers.

invite only, suckers!

dewey? jordan?

mushroom encrusted tofu, black and white summer rice, and young baby green salad.

yep, it was THAT good. just ask anya and lulu, licking their plates clean.

more satisfied customers.



the natives were getting restless, so i got out some porn from the house’s recycling pile.

it kept them entertained.

for a while.

but seriously. those articles take a while to read.


the audience was nice to look at.

we played some songs.

as did mr. chu.

secret cafe crew 2007.

so much more to come its crazy. prepare yourself. work out.
bye blog.
love chloe.