i suck at blogginf. and spelling. here is the last of summer. i think.

this is my jewish husband brett. we have candlelight dinners twice a year.

this is what we do at rosemary’s house. hat party.

allison is my new cello player. and amazing.

i often stand in dressing rooms while emily tries things on.

sometimes i sneak some dirty pics of her and then put them on the internet without her permission.

oops, i did it again.

remember “femalia,” my book of vaginas? it never gets old.

this is the correct response to the book.


to reiterate: joe is gross.

also we straightened his hair. this, along with his odd obsession with vaginas…lesbian. joe.

emily got a contact high and thought that picking up her leg with a hook was really amazing. you know what else can pick up your leg? willpower.


rosemary served me fruit and boobs on a platter.

she quilted that. and she is teaching me to do one too.

jazmin’s going away party! she went to rome. who wouldn’t love a face like that?

i gave bob my camera for a while. first shot, my butt as i walked away.

by bob, obviously.

jon by bob. brotherly love.

bob got a little artsy.

jon porter is a real mesnch. that’s yiddish for good guy.

bob looks like mario brothers.


jazmin tried, but daniel’s not one for dancing.


jay deejayed. is that how you spell that?

chris loves having his picture taken.

so many good things going on right here.

cameron brought a kettle to the dancefloor.

but jon porter was not one to be outdone.

porn was playing all throughout the party.

aimee is very pristine-looking. minus porter.

ah there we go.

a little of this…

leads to a lot of this.


definitely post-coital.

sometimes julian does weird things.

like so.

there are my new keeps.

i love emily a lot.

and these fools.

by julian. a little voyeuristic, no?

this is why we call each other “twinsie.” total coincidence.

my friends are all really aesthetically pleasing.

sometimes the channing couch looks like this.

but other times it’s totally different.

we played charades.

we made farmer’s market dinner at lulu’s new house.

anya was there.

and there was much merriment.

how cute is eli with her hair down? i really like your peaches, wanna shake your tree.

i love working at the local.

even my customers are good-looking.

emily moved rooms and was nailing things. ha! nailing.

kari is back and amazing and beautiful and i love her a lot.

jazmin, you will be missed while in italy. whether drinking alch…

or the usual gatorade.

cross-eyed crazybird elise.

bye blog.
love chloe.