the whole summer passed by in a blink. so don’t blink while you read this. thanks. bye.

bryan visited in july. he said “in SF its easy to get by but hard to get big. in NY its hard to get by but easy to get big.” i’ma try to prove Sceney McScene wrong. i’ll get by AND get big right here in the bay.

gaelen is always sitting outside of nabolom bakery.

we went to willard park to chillax in the summer sun.

bob said “take another one- my eyes were closed for that one.” so i did.

goddamnit bob.

sometimes emmy gets on me.

then i went to LA to visit bua/baby crew.

akira’s learning how to throw up gang signs. i mean peace signs.

a jew jew train is similar to a choo choo train except instead of “i think i can i think i can” they say “i think i can but maybe i cant what if i get tired i didnt pack anything to nosh on oh god i hope i can i mean i really should be able to….”

pocket mom gets love from aki.

if it seems like i am obsessed with akira, it’s because i am.

and you are too. how could you not be with a face like this?

akira and piano man. when aki’s nips were out, i noticed that justin had put her dress on backwards so i fixed it. it reminded me of that scarring time i was 4 and my dad took me to ballet class and got me dressed and left and then i started crying because my leotard was all bunchy in front and going up my butt in the back because daddy had put it on backwards. moral: dads should not be left in charge of dressing their daughters.

instead, dad’s should be in charge of this.

she loves my dad.

my parents are cute.

we read.

still practicing.

whoooooooooooooo. that’s not long for “who.” it’s short for “whore.”

we went to the LA zoo. we thought it would be depressing, but the meerkats were chilling pretty hard. looking around for predators and obese american tourists.

then it got a little depressing because someone threw deli meat on the alligator. crocodile. i don’t know the difference. i do, however, know that reptiles have a sexual/excretory tract called the “cloaca” and i know this because that is what my sister calls me.



my sister hearts giraffes.

really depressing.

this is what it feels like to be in a zoo. this is also what it feels like to be inside the head of an OCD anxiety-ridden jew.

i am a hippie now. i sell vegetables and fraternize with the oak people. and the other day someone blew some sage smoke on me. now i believe in energy and spirits and shit.

don’t forget we sell amazing things at amazing prices at college and bancroft every wednesday from 11-5.

we get hungry. and improvise with no tools.

we made corn/tomato/basil salad and ate it with corn husks. who’s an anarchist now, fools? except for this whole blog/computer/car/consumer thing i got going.


in part because she is really pretty.

also chelsuck is way hot.

apparently france is NOT the fashion capital of the world.

who knew youtube could be such a uniting force? also look at emmy’s butt. it’s nice.

did you know that jordan here moved in with emily and kari?

did you know i had huge freak hands? cuz i didn’t.

turns out it’s not just me. emmy gets on kari sometimes too.

rarely does she realize that some things are embarrassing. especially when performed on the grassy knoll in the middle of campus.

jaz dances up on andre.

rachel just straight up gets on him.

we made jaz up into a chola.

and joe into a lesbian.

AMAZINGGGGGG. also that looks like chest hair. even more amazing!

Rachael made dinner for us. She is hot. I mean good at cooking.

jaz and cora are also good at cooking. I mean hot.

sometimes i look at emily and can’t believe she’s real. because she’s so adorable (not because you don’t look human, emily, duh).

emmy mikey.

monty and me. he was one of my first friends at berkeley.

cora and me. she is one of my newest friends at berkeley.

SERIOUSLY my friends are soooooo pretty.

ok you can blink now. but only for a minute because summer part 3 is coming sooooon.
bye blog.
love chloe.