we went to a grassroots record co. show at the hemlock- mariee sioux, alela diane, aaron ross, and lee bob watson.

cora and chelsea are pretty.


aaron ross. you should probably go to http://www.myspace.com/aaronmanuelross and listen to “warlock” as its one of the best songs ever.

hallie’s mom once asked if chris and i were siblings. chris doesn’t think i look asian. but the rest of the world begs to differ.

julian and chris insist on ruining every picture.

julian got a haircut from rachael. so hip.

i parked in front of the grassroots tour van. i think it may have been on fire.

then rachael, emmy, hallie and i had brunch.

this is the last moment i saw hallie before she moved to NY. captured. forever.

emmy and i have a habit of visiting lyssandra at work. she swiffers a lot so the floor of slash is a good place to lie down for a while. plus its close to nabolom which has the best vegan sticky buns ever.

oh yeah and sometimes there’s dancing.

summer favorite = scoping out puppies at willard park.

ok fine sometimes dudes too.

but really just puppies.

it was bright out. elise needed double glasses.

jaz studying italian. only a week left to learn before she moves there.

emmy learned to shake!

biance brought watermelon(s).

emily. as usual.

elise and i drove to santa cruz on the 3rd of july for 4th of july. we picked up josh and went straight to the beach. holler.

we only stayed for a few minutes though because of a fly problem that was not condusive to lounging. disgusting.

i stayed with ashley and brought my guitar along so i could serenade her.

then ash and i met up with emily, cora, jaz, and her friends in SC.

ash and i dressed up like super-americans because emily told us everyone else was going to but then we were the only ones.

american pride or stealing from farmers?

we got matching suits.

then we hung out at the house where jaz will live when she returns to SC after italy.

old-school wifeys.

new-school wifeys.

ash hat.

em hat.

they have a cute porch.

then eli and josh and other emily met up.

cora and i look asian because we are part russian and because mongolian milkmen slept with our great grandmothers.

elise got drunk.

things really looked like this.

but elise saw it like this.

then we took a stroll over to josh/emily’s house. elise got geared up.



sunset bromance.

jaz got a little nutty too.

shoe triplets.

triplet dancewalk.

josh/eli/emily had made a fort in their backyard.

emily squared!

fireworks boys.

the next day i knocked into a shelf at ashley’s and one of the spikes of this huge shell fell straight down and sliced open my toe. and since ashley’s ankle was already sprained and we are both ridiculously clumsy and accident-prone, the week ended like this:

bye blog. more to come soon.
love chloe.