I haven’t blogged in a while because I got the bronchitis and then missed all my finals and had to take them all late but finally it is summertime and it rules.

Summertime! or Cary Tanner being a creep. That’s the same, right? Sorry, that didn’t even make sense.

Ok here we go for real this time…summertime! Damnit. Well maybe Cary just does this stuff around Emily. Weird.

There was a villains/superheroes party but for some reason these fools went as the three stooges.

Then Rachael’s parents had a Memorial Day BBQ. That’s her dad!

No one wanted to sit in the special princess corner but it looked like a JAP-suitable place to me.

Where the hell was Megan for a year? Regardless, it’s nice to have her back.

There was a puppy and we all got giddy.

Yep, cute but still smells like a dog.

It’s crazy how a puppy and/or baby can make your voice all high and your face all foolish and your hands all smelling like baby/puppy.

Even hardcore-I-don’t-give-a-fuck-that-my-arm-is-still-in-a-sling-and-also-filled-with-metal-rods Shelma was, as Emily says, “cooing and caahing” over the puppy. God, Emily can’t do anything right. Did you know she just got certified to teach English in other countries? Her students are gonna learn incorrect colloquialisms. Emily’s “eat your words” is “bite your tongue off” while her wallflower tendencies are expressed as “blending into the wallwork.” We call these “Emilisms.” It’s like an embolism minus the blood.

Bizarre family portrait. That’s one hairy baby. Musta gotten it from the Jew side (Emily).

Holiday card.

All three stages. White, kinda Asian, and Asian.

Then we went outdoors to bbq some ribs and vegan hot dogs. When I was little and they were holding me to their shoulder, my parents always used to say “put your keppy down” (keppy means “head” in yiddish). Mikey made Emmy put her keppy down, but really it just looked like he wanted her to give him keppy. Oh god, I think it’s probably blasphemy to use yiddish in really dirty ways like that. Or maybe not…



Oh wait, that’s better. HeLLOOOO.

That’s like a UFO sighting. Rare.

By the way, Megan makes these dresses. If you want one, give her some fabric and $30 and she’ll do it up real nice.

Drinking wine and relaxing sure does take it out of you, huh Em?

Then on one of the first hot days, Rachael came over and we laid on my front lawn and ate these treats from the Farmer’s market. If you’ve never had mulberries, you probably should. They taste like Purple Rain.

These two dudes, Alex and Alex drove by and asked us if we were having a garage sale. When we said no, they parked their car and came and sat down with us and tried to sell us things instead. I was uptight at first, but Rachael made me be nice to them.

Cora came too and translated while Rachie read and I embroidered. I LOVE SUMMMMER.

Then Cary came with groceries and Rachael made us this for dinner.

We were pleased.

Then one day we hung out on the Ward house stoop. Twins!!

Chris and Josephine do a lot of things in the day. Oh wait, no, they really just do this.

Elise’s mom made a graduation photo album.

Awww the end of our youth. Poopcrapfart. I say that when I feel my youth slipping away from me. I learned that from Chelsuck.

Dude, Rachael looked CRAZY at Elise’s graduation picnic. And had lost her voice. Imagine that headband and a man voice coming out of her. CRAZYtown.

Emily dressed up as an elf for her graduation. What’s that, Em? David the Gnome needs our help?? Quick, tell Swift the Fox to come quickly!

Since I haven’t found a job, this is what I do all day. Embroider. Bob says I must be lonely if I like to embroider, so call me if you want to hang out. Anyone?

And this is what Emmy does all day. Expect when she’s helping David the Gnome heal wounded birds.

By the by, Abysinia Vanderpool is back from france and ready to have fun.

IT’S GETTING HOT. SEE EVERYONE AT ANZA SOOOOOOON (lyssandra says her biologist friend says anza is full of feces and makes you sick. but lets go anyway).

bye blog.
love chloe.