We do this cuban dinner every year. This year it was combined with Rachael’s birthday party. Here’s how it went:

Cuban Crew 2007.

Cuban food 2007. There was supposed to be coconut rice but it tasted like burning.

Moustaches were not a choice. They were mandatory.

Bob called me a copycat.


aimee and samantha. hEllo.

O’Learys. Or is it O’Learies when it’s plural?

Moustache cuddle puddle.

Strangely enough, Emily looks quite natural with a moustache. It’s probably the Jewish blood.

Even stranger, Elise makes an amazing sleazy Cuban.

My only purchase in NY was these boots. Adri said dirty things to me that no one else heard. As per usual, she said “If nobody heard it, it didn’t happen.”

Bianca tried to cheer Hallie up.

Even Lolo came with me!

The light was perfect.


The light of my life, aka Emmy, aka Coo.

Mikey came. And AK and Nicole.

Wherever she goes, a ray of light follows. hEllo.

And wherever Cameron goes, a ray of crazy follows.


Cam messed up his stache and Emily fixed it.

At some point in the night, Emily appeared stache-less. She said it “fell off” even though it was drawn on. But Rachael didn’t stand for that, and there was a stache-attack to restore Emily to Cuban (Jewish) status.

Rachie makes a mean pot of beans.

Caketime. Yeah, blow out the lighter! We are classy.

Oh wait, that’s what the lighter was for. Happy Birthday booboo.

Nicole starts med school on June 25th. Which is weird, because June 25th is when I’m do for a physical. Awesome…

Seriously. Crazy eyes.

AK demonstrated his hula hoop skills.

Cameron’s just asking for it.

And of course AK offered his services.

Disturbing thumbcrotch.

At Hallie’s, Paul James reminded us of that game you used to play with your sweatshirt.

Hallie loved it.

And Nicole demonstrated all the places AK puts his genitals. Doorknob, around his wrist like a watch, etc…..

I love Cubanisimo!
bye blog.
love chloe.