midterms are over, so i can finally catch up on some blogging…

a while ago it was francesca’s birthday. at her request, we dressed up and went to the bloomingdale’s foodcourt. which is a really wierd place. rachael and emily ANTM arms.

the birthday girl was very glam and very relaxed. but hallie was stressed because she had to give a speech. she ended up losing the piece of paper and didn’t have to deliver.

bob and bloomingdales. peculiar to say the least.

emily gets cuter every day.

classy rachael.

victoria’s secret fell out of my dress.

adri hiding in the corner of the bathroom.

reflections don’t lie.

we made our way over to arrow bar. it was raining. and 1940.

singing in the rain. well, more slipping than singing.

emmy was made for a different time.

AK hasn’t been weaned yet.

hallie and leah. how cute are they?

AK had fun because there were 16 year olds at the bar. I tried to explain to them how long ago he was born but they hadn’t heard of Vietnam.

either emily is hilarious or that roofie i slipped rachael was starting to work.

somehow AK managed to make it over to the asian massage parlor down the street. oh no wait those are my friends.

bob and bloomingdales to bob and bearcave?


bob borrowed my camera for a while but when he gave it back there were only pictures of butts. ha.

this is how young the girls were. AK said something about braces and man milk. so inappropriate.

16 year old girls should steer clear of this crew.

my carload wanted to leave but then i got them drunk enough to stay awhile.

can you identify these?

i thought AK was giving me a present.

but then it was just his finger in a box. jt style.


what’s hallie doing in the background?

emily got mad at me for exposing my chest so much.
“hi, kettle? it’s emily. you’re black.”

sass and class.

i let hallie borrow my camera. she always just has one thing on her mind.

please. its water.

i swear i had witty things to say about all these pictures but this was so many weeks ago i cant remember them. oh well, at least there were tits, right? cant go wrong there.
bye blog.
love chloe.