having emily back is like being in the company of the most lovable and adorable puppy ever. this used to say retarded puppy but emily got mad.

what even is that? looks like hazardous terrain… i’ll give you a hint.

allison asked me why all our friends are always touching each other inappropriately. she wasn’t offended, just curious. i really don’t have a good answer, except to ask, when your friends look like this, how could you NOT touch them all the time?

channing house threw a little going away party for alex and allison to celebrate their departure. good riddance.

hallie ordered a vegan ice cream cake from maggie mudds for them. we sang “you’re leaving you’re leaving” to the tune of happy birthday.

then hallie tried to give a speech but immediately started crying, which then made allison get choked up, while alex and i wondered how it is that some people’s emotions are so close to the surface.

allison harris and alex harris squared: good riddance. fenna made a 2 out of an olive. is this not the ugliest most delicious peanut butter chocolate cake ever?

AK and nicole. sometimes i still daydream about the kiss she gave me on new years. ahhh, that was the best night…

bitches say WHAT.

my camera does fun things. also allison is really flexible, so if she says something embarrassing she can actually put her foot in her mouth.

chelsea got stuck/suffocated in hallie’s cleavage.

fat mom sandwich. right allison?

alex turned into a new kid on the block for this one. jordan knight mouth.

the next night was their very last night so we spent it at hallie’s eating leftover ice cream cake. also doing ballet. alex has a very nice turnout.

twinkle toes!

said leftovers.

feb 5th was my three year vegan anniversary. goddamn that cake was good.

throw some glasses on her and she’s “extra asian teacher hallie.” and she’ll punish you if you don’t do your homework. CONFESSION HALLIE: i didn’t do my homework.

meanwhile, in the bathroom, things were heating up between extra asian hallie and extra white emily.

hallie demonstrates for mat one of the arrested development chicken dances.

oh yeah i forgot this blog is about alex. and apparently jay’s eyeball-esque nipple.

however, this blog is also about the cool things my camera does. again.

i was not preening alex like a monkey. i was checking to see if he needed a haircut.

yep. he did.

hallie and allison to the rescue.

they did a mighty fine job. minus that bald spot. but i think that was already there. um.

you can do a lot of things with alex’s ball of hair. like eat it. gross.

or make a merkin (pubic wig).

when they left, hallie cried a lot. i made some strange squeaking noises which i thought maybe is what you’re supposed to do when you’re sad but then alex told me to stop pretending i cared. touch