I haven’t been leaving my house much lately because I have so much to read that it hurts. Thankfully, my house is full of fun toys that keep the visitors coming.

I use the yoga ball and foam roller to help my back not hurt. Alex and Chelsea use them for Giant Baseball games.

A home run simply involves pelting it towards my face and if it hits me you win. Chelsea got it to land on my shoulders one time, so I asked Alex to take a picture of a succesful home run.

But when I reviewed the pictures later, this is all he took. Creep.

Sometimes its not so much Giant Baseball as much as Giant Hit Alex With a Bat Game.

After I yelled at them, Chelsea finally demonstrated correct usage of the yoga ball. She’s pretty bendy. Niiiiice.

Emmy and Bryan came too. So really my house doesn’t continuously attract visitors so much as people came over that one time.

Just do it already, you big lezzies. Even though I live in the same house as Marcy this was the only time I’ve seen her all semester so far. Dangit.

On Tuesdays/Thursdays I have a break from 12:30-2, and Alex grauated and has a lot of free time before he moves to Portland so he’s has been meeting me at the grassy knoll for lunch. Those days will be over soon. Thank god. I’m not even crying on the inside because I care so little.

It takes three frames to capture all of Alex.

Here is proof that I ride my new bike and love it. Duh, I ride like a lady, both legs on one side.

We were too lazy to leave the knoll and I wanted to blog, so really we just took pictures of whatever we could see without getting up. Go to Portland, I don’t even give a SHIT.

My leg has been itching in this one spot for like 2 months but there’s nothing there- its weird. You know how there are some friends you just can’t live without? Well, I won’t miss Alex much when he’s gone because thankfully I can scratch my own goddamn leg if I really need to.

Alex had the idea to take some Vice Do/Don’t pictures. Rolling backpacks: DO. They’re like sherpas. Except they can’t talk, as Alex pointed out.

Pregnancy: DON’T.

Encouraging the crazies on campus by stopping and listening: DON’T. Even if you are really curious about why a Jew would be proselytizing.

Hottie boom botties on campus: DO.

Get a haircut. You look like Kramer. Not that I give a shit. Move already.

I hope Portland is everything you dreamed of and more. And I don’t at all hope that it sucks and you have to move back. Seriously though its gonna be amazing and we will miss you a lot and if I can figure out a way to trick myself into thinking that Portland is within a 7 mile radius from here, I will come visit you and Alison.

bye blog.
love chloe.