i turned 22 on the 2nd.

so ash took me shopping. i bought a boat necklace.

the best presents are the ones you can’t return. a wife is one of those.

for my birthday, i bought bryan a loretta lynn bandana. it is subtly purple i.e. subtly gay i.e. subtly suiting.

i was recalling the fateful day the stork delivered me to my parents and anya decided it was time to teach me how babies really get here. she gave me a gesticulatory explanation of the birds and the bees.

we all went to herbivore, got food to go, and brought it back to bryan’s lair. he has trippy tapestries in his living room. chelsea and rj got me really nice presents.

then rj contemplated his next move…

rach and cary spent all day in berkeley making me a vegan bday cake and then delivered it to me in sf!

rj bought me my own personal bottle of martinellis! and this is the beautiful chocolate, blood orange, hazelnut cream cake rach made from scratch. amazing.

chelsea led the pack in singing to me.

it was a little scary.

the cake was enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike. also meghan is the most photogenic ever.

meanwhile bryan was scrolling through his list of ladies to call…

i love when rachael wears her hair all natural. i can pretend she’s jewish.

thanks for all the bday wishes.
bye blog.
love chloe.