I’m getting sick and tired of Christmas trees everywhere I look reminding me how fucked our planet’s vegetation is and its not even two weeks into December! Meanwhile, I am looking forward to all the pairs of socks I am bound to get on every night of Chanukah. It’s not fucking “Christmas Break” for me, Christlovers. Lets try and stick to the non-denominational “Winter Break” title instead. That way I don’t have to feel more Jewish than I already do every time I — ooh! I just found a penny in the couch.

It is going to be really weird without Kari here next semester.

It’s already starting to hurt my feelings.

Hallie started playing harp again lately and her fingertips are real sore. Also don’t put Derek in front of a tv/dvd/videogame/cartoon because he will totally zone out and forget that you are trying to lick his face. Oops, is that weird to say out loud?

Rachael has been taking Urban Gardening and brought me and Elise along one night to harvest some broccoli.

Lookin for a good one…


That is the damn sexiest broccoli I’ve ever seen.

Cabbage Patch Kids always creeped me out. But I love me some Broccoli Patch Kids.

“Hark! A tractor!” I really don’t know why we were both soooo pleased to be sitting in a field of manure.

Then Rachael took us home and made “Broccoli 400 Ways.” Seriously though, broccoli salad, vegan broccoli truffle souffle, broccoli fennel soup, and broccoli seitan bake. Delicious. Everyone was moving around except Elise, who was very focused on pouring wine.

Time to show off all the cool things my new camera can do again!

If you set it on red, it does weird, but also strangely hot things to human faces. Boy Cary is pretty.

Why? I don’t know. And apparently neither did Rach.

Sometimes though, it just makes you look dead.

Bryan was doing laundry at Derek/Sandy/Alex/Jordan’s house, so he played dress-up in Sandy’s new pants. I think maybe they were a little too tight near his “danger zones.” That’s what my roommate calls the crotch area.

HipsterScumVille, population Bryan Derballa, and hopefully me as soon as I get my single speed.

Classiest Webmaster Award.

Jordan does pretty gay things to Derek when he passes out. I do pretty heterosexual things to him when he passes out, though, so I can’t really talk. Just kidding. But seriously.

Alex came to visit me! He doesn’t know what to do all day now that he’s a free man. But you can add these to the photolist he’s already given of activities he’s partaking in to pass time:

Balancing exercises.

Other balancing exercises.

How excited are we to be studying for finals?? HELLA excited.

This would be a pretty good Nike add. JUST DO IT.

I was just telling Cameron how excited I am about finals.

WHAT%*$&#$&#^!#U@$(*&% Bianca is hella hard. Except that it took her half an hour to “braid and spraypaint” her hair. Classic Bianca words. She meant hairspray, duh.

Oh, would you look at THAT?! Looks like HipsterScumVille population just went up! I like it here, I think I just might make it my permanent residence.

I love you all. Happy Holidays, and not just the Christ-ey kind. For us Jews, its not so much the time of year for giving, caroling, wreaths, and mistletoe. Its the time of year for searching desperately for the one shelf of Chanukah candles in the grocery store, fearing Mel Gibson’s next blockbuster, and feeling very very guilty about buying an expensive bike. Now tell me that doesn’t sound like fun!
bye blog.
love chloe.