the novelty of having a digital camera has NOT worn off yet.

i’m pretty sure i was adopted. also my sister is hella hot.


chelsea wanted to know if she should keep her hair blonde, so I tested what she’d look like with brown hair. mine wasn’t long enough though so we asked emmy to do it.

but that just looked like a pube toupee.

emmy is pretty. she needs to be told. the night before my show i went to her house and asked if i could practice my songs for her. she got all excited and told me to go get my guitar. so i was about four bars into my first song when she said: “coo, am i pretty?”
that is typical emily, the most absurd and loveable human being i know.

emmy has been nannying and she thinks this is what babies constantly look like. idiots.

kariemmylove. at lunch kari said we were embarrassing her with all the pictures and left.

i like those. step OFF.

matching pants, matching hearts. gross. we are dead inside and dont you forget it. fuckingpunkfuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyou. that was for chelsea.

after class the light was amazing. so were emily’s handlebars.

THEN I WENT and made friends with all of bryan’s new friends cuz that’s part of the master plan. derek and sandy and alex and jordan and patti (whoihaveacrushon). you should probably meet them and befriend them because they rule.

derek broke his wrist and then got doored and then got hit by a car. i, meanwhile, got a new digicam that has a macro setting. start wearing helmets fools.

jordan scares me a little bit. oh and jordan if you read this i know some girls who wanted me to let you know that they think you’re hot, they like like to be scared, and they are easy. lemme know if you’re interested and i’ll hook it up.

REMEMBER that one amazing picture that bryan posted from thailand where everything was black and white except for the monk, who was wearing an orange robe? yeah well i discovered that setting on my new camera and it’s AMAAAAAZING.


this camera is CRAZY.

sandy is so cute.


HOW does it know?


then i found the “color swap” setting where you can make everything that is one color another color, and obviously my first thought was, can i turn white people black, because that would be amazing. i tried it out on jordan. but the answer is nope, it just turns them blue. frightening.

bye blog.
love chloe.