HAPPY BIRTHDAY Miss Marcy! Here are some pictures from the last coupla years of my favorite chef/baker/toker/lover/wanker.

she’s basically the cutest.

especially when she’s doing some southern crooning on toppa the piano.

she moonlights as german trailer trash. but dont be fooled. svetlana is as jewish as they come. and right now i bet you she is making a joke about how i just said “come.” she’s the classiest.

but dont worry about that foul mouth. she cleans up real nice. HELLO.

i’m sure you miss sam on your birthday. but marcy, if he was here, this is what he’d be doing to you. so you’re prolly better off.

oh p.s. she also has tig ‘ole bitties. and she’ll show them to you. all you gotta do is ask. or not ask. either way it’ll happen.

love chloe.