i don’t know if you heard, but i’m kind of a big deal. anybody who is anybody was at my show on thursday night at the red vic on haight street. thanks to everyone who came, especially chris chu for playing my set with me and pat parra for setting the whole thing up and rocking hard. you ALL made my second gig ever waaaaaay less scary.

earlier that day i picked up my older sister ruby at the airport and brought her to the bear’s lair to meet the gang, who were all getting drunk at 1pm.

joe and kari chugging them down before class. classy.

look up furrowed brow in the dictionary and this is what you will see. hallie was pretty upset she couldn’t come to the gig that night. chris had sympathy pains.

the show!

alex told everyone he was coming but me and then suprised me with his presence and his cleanshaven face! even matt bernstein showed up. myspace is amazing.

matty and my sis.

cam always shows his support.


our webmaster brought all his new friends. he’s trying to teach me a lesson by replacing me because i am too busy doing my homework to hang out. i have a counterplan though. i’m gonna become even better friends with all his new friends, who have agreed to this plan. it’s called “operation bryanwho?” (coined by derek). anyone who wants to play can join. that’ll teach him a lesson about trying to teach me a lesson.

my friends are the most beautiful most adorable most loveable friendliest prettiest (and easiest) group of ladies ever. they also all have crushes on my dad, which is weird.

so bored. by the way, alex thinks he’s moving to portland. but i have a counterplan for that one too. i’m struggling with the details, so if anyone has any ideas about how we can stop him, you can join the brain trust.

after the show i got to spend the weekend with my hilarious family. we always go on walk saround the corte madera creek. none of you guys believe that we are sisters because ruby doesn’t look asian, but it’s true. at least i think.


i think she wins.

we also had a contest for most embarrassing outfit:

victory is mine this time. i am wearing velour. also it was cold out apparently.

my sister is so pretty.

and so ridiculous.

my dad dropped hella rocks in her hood while she wasn’t looking.

how cute is my mom?

how cute is my family?

hey so we haven’t seen akira in a while and i just wanted to let you guys know that she is only getting cuter. so cute that it hurts my feelings that i am not there to see her every day. so here she is on her 2nd birthday, which is also halloween, dressed as a mouse.

oh it hurts. bye blog. love chloe.