i decided not to brave anything that night. i just wanted a relaxed, quiet, cozy, small-scale halloween. so morgan made some of us dinner at her house on russel street. little did we know that russel street is the place to be if you are a middle schooler and also a whore. emily and i could hardly get our bikes through the street because there were so many middle school whores in fishnets making out all over the place. it ruled. i mean it was weird.

morgan and caroline and justine cooked. it was a delicious vegan thanksgiving-style meal.

joe learned the hard way that you NEVER grab an alcoholic drink out of kari’s hands. also i used that red eye fixie thing on iphoto and it just made kari look cross-eyed. i’m gonna write to the iphoto people and let them know about this malfunction.

i inadvertently dressed as a smurf. i just put on my new dress and some tights but then there was no escaping it. so i ran with it.

i heard talk of some action outside so we went to investigate.

there was a drunk middle school hussie passed out on the street with firemen gathered around her. i took a good picture but ilya stepped in front of the camera. ilya says she was fine because he saw her answering questions but emmy and i are pretty sure that was just her head lolling side to side from all the alcohol poisoning.

morgan unzipped her sweatshirt and lo and behold, there was a ballerina under there. a hella hot one too.

she let me come upstairs and look at naked pictures of her. they ruled. she let me take some but they are not nakey. unfortunately for you.

this is her doing Degas’ Tiny Ballerina.

she gave me a smurf hat too. morgan is good for all kinds of things.

emily and her happyfeet. dont try and play footsie with her though, because she’ll call you on it. out loud. a lot.

i dont know what is going on here with the eye sex but i’m pretty sure its awesome and i’m pretty sure its lesbian. which is repetitive.

kari is really pretty. and single.

emily is really pretty. and single.

they are gonna be mad at me for including them in my personal ads. by the by, you guys all sucked at your responses. none of those were jokes. i didnt even laugh out loud once. but i did cry on the inside a lot. so feel good about that. jerks. love chloe.