i love how the heading on the friends page right now reads “who’s sleeping with who? find out!” but according to my very tangled webs of gossip, nobody seems to be sleeping with anybody. at least not in a serious way. furthermore, the weather is about to get cold. which means cuddle puddle season is upon us. and it just isnt a puddle when there’s only one participant (that’s a lot more suggestive than i meant for it to be). i sure love me a remedy, so i’m gonna do something about this makeout deficiency. and since you gotta look out for number one, i’ll start with myself (kari, i’m couting on you to follow suit).

chelsea likes to read the missed connection posts on craigslist. a few weeks ago she found one that read “berkeley- w4m (30)- tiny androgynous asian boy with ankle tattoos on red fixie- i’m probably not your type but you were nice eye candy.” obviously mike wong, our very own wash-up. mike wrote to her: “how do you know you’re not my type?” but never heard back. i fall in love almost daily with people on the street, in class, at the grocery store… so that most every second of the day feels like a missed connection. well, no longer. i’m not as daring as hallie, who recently bought a multiple choice stationary pad that is designed specifically to hand out to random good-looking people. instead i watched some ANTM, learned some poses, and had my sister take some pictures of me at the beach on kauai. since some people tell me that blogs are inherently embarrassing, i’m testing the limits of just how embarrassing they can get:

Single White Female (that’s up for debate. not the female part. the white part.) -21 years old (22 on January 2nd- that makes me a Capricorn, for all you astrologyfreaks)- If you don’t like christopher guest, jim jarmusch, sasha baron-cohen, wes anderson, or the cohen brothers, or don’t know who they are, then don’t even talk to me. If interested, post a joke in the comments section. If I laugh out loud, I’ll call you. Dreadlocked-patchouli-scented tree-huggers and Bible-thumpers need not apply.

oh and its gonna be even more embarrassing if nobody comments. i mean depresssing.