it takes forever to get film developed. i need a digicam. instant gratification would be nice.

it’s great having emmy back. i dont know anybody as sincere and unabashed as she is. sometimes it’s embarrassing in public, but for the most part her sheer lack of inhibition is entertaining and admirable.

see what i mean? such an exhibitionist. (also kari looks like a model. look at that face!)

i promised to always use expletive black boxes when blogging pictures of her. it’s a safe bet to always have photoshop handy.

i didn’t need any here. kari blocked emmy’s danger zones with her really nice butt.

i went to dinner at mike and chelsea’s house. if i didn’t know they were vegan, i prolly woulda thought they were gonna eat me. friendliest hosts ever. or meanest vegan gang ever.

but don’t be fooled. chelsea is a delicate flower. and very pretty.

i’m glad the grassy knoll is back. meet me there every day between classes. and be sure to wear a helmet.

seems like bob’s stock is going WAY up, what with the motorcycle and deeply sensitive introspective blogs.

just trying something. we are not a very touchy group.

still comparing. emmy always wins.

hallie’s sister’s puppy saki.

we had a nice day cruising the cafes and distracting our friends from doing their homework.

you can pick your friends. and your nose. but you can’t pick your friend’s nose. also i couldn’t figure out who that was in the corner. but bryan took one look at those eyes and said “that’s julian.” interesting.

i’m gonna get a digicam soon. these pictures just aren’t embarrassing enough. soon. hopefully. bye blog.