after going to the beach and then anza three nights in a row, i am addicted to nature. and water. how do people even live far away from coasts? on monday ashley and i went to the botanical gardens and the de young museum.

just checking to see if capricorns make good matches with leos.

i love when people treat their kids like dolls. baby’s got style. nautical chic.

taught ashley how to do ANTM arms.

never wearing anything but that dress ever again.

piazzoni murals at the museo.

view from AK’s porch.

hallie really loves juice.

view from hallie’s terrace.

then on tuesday ashley and i hiked above muir beach. we were dying of heat so the fog was a nice treat.

this trail had straight drop-off cliffs on either side. you dont tell me i’m not adventurous. i kept getting dizzy from the heights and yelling at ashley to move away from the edge. thats me at the cliff edge.

see? cliff. maybe this isnt as adventurous as when bryan walks on ledges of tall buildings, but i’d say the gamble is much more worth it when you compare this view to the one from cz’s roof.

if i plummetted to my death, this is view i would have on my way down.

ashley on the edge of the earth.

i love playing with the macro setting on her camera.

oops. we drove ash’s suv out to the beach. our bad. bye blog.