Damn, you go to Kauai for two weeks and it takes half that long to catch up on all the blog-browsing. I tried to check it from there but dial-up makes me want to punch myself in the face. SO… since I don’t have a digital camera, I will have to wait for my sisters to send me the kauai pictures. Until then, enjoy a few pictures I have been meaning to put up, including a tribute to Bryan for his birthday (Hallie stole my idea). I had to make do with the few pics I have scanned.

When I first met Bryan, I’m pretty sure there was only one reason he hung out with me……….*cough* (chelsea) *cough*

Rope swings, cliff-jumping, living without ever buying groceries. Bryan has taught me about adventure. He has not taught me to take part in it. But in his defense, it would take more than teaching to make me jump off a cliff. Unless by teaching you mean xanax.

Bryan has also taught me how to watch out for pedophiles and creeps by showing me exactly what one might look like.

And I’m not trying to make any particular point with these next few pictures, but…

Thats all. Happy Birthday Bryan. We all love you. Some a little more than others *cough* (Andrew) *cough*

Before I went to Kauai, my cousins came to visit.

This is my sister, me and my cousin Laura, who shares my humor, wit, and Asian eyes.

On my cousin Dan’s 16th birthday, he learned about the importance of reading labels and about the difference between deoderant and air deoderizer. He couldn’t put his arms down because he had burned off the “first four layers of skin.” Dan is the funniest person ever. When he was 11 he asked me if “Tigger” was a derogatory term for black and orange people.

On one of those days when it was like a billion degrees in Marin, we found relief in the center console air conditioning. Now known as the vagina-cooler.

Just tryin to put in my contacts.

We took Bart to the city and this lady was sitting in front of us. Next time I get a haircut, I’m for sure gonna ask for the Fraggle Rock dye-job.

Thats all. Hawaii pics to come. And a blast from the past.

love chloe