So you’ve seen my dad. He was a casanova for sure. He says that in his hayday he never went two weeks without having sex. Unfortunately, he didn’t pass that tendency on to me- he just gave me anxiety and a gummy smile. Thanks a lot dad. Anyway, his lady’s man days ended when he met my mom. This is how hot she was:

Goddamn. This is her dancing hula at a bar on Kauai called Casablanca, where my parents had their first date.

She was so pretty its weird.

Before she met my dad she was a pretty big hippie too. She bellydanced…

… and sang and danced in the Fairfax Street Choir. Thats her in the front sitting on the left. What a bunch of fucking hippies.

At least I know where I got my Asian looks from.

So then after just three months of dating my parents got married in August 1981. Ruby was born June 1982 (pretty suspect). I came two and a half years later. By accident I’m pretty sure. Here are some baby pics that I found on my pop’s computer.

Ruby played doctor. I think she was playing diagnostician, trying to figure out how my Jew parents produced a Chinese baby.

A little drool never hurt nobody.

I used to always have my hand down my shirt, saying “pinsum” (translation: pinch them). Weird. This may explain some things too. Also, note my clothes. Maybe last year wasnt the first time I dressed like a hipster.


Album cover methinks.

bye blog.