Everyone that knows my dad will agree that he’s a pretty cool guy. If you meet him, you should know that he detests being called “Mr. Roth.” He always tells my friends to address him as either “Andy” or “Doctor Professor Roth.” He is neither a doctor nor a professor. Since I’ve been blogging on his computer, I decided to look through all his photos and found some serious gems. Rummaging through your dad’s computer is a risky game, but thankfully he must hide porn really well.

Apparently dude used to ride motorcycles.

Times changed but my dad did not. He just upgraded from dead horse to live horse. He was a cowboy for a good part of the 70s.

My dad’s friend had a place out in Brazil (which may have been purchased with illicit funds). So my dad hopped on a plane and went over there to chill out for a while. Nice socks.

My dad still has that sock tan from playing tennis. Tai Chi in Brazil in 1975. What more could you want?

Well, maybe a jam session. Hopefully I look as cool as that when I perform.

He claims he didn’t do a lot of drugs once he was out of college. But these pictures look pretty suspect. Whoah man, look what I can do with mirrors!

My dad says he doesn’t know what ever happened to his friend Bill. But they did used to do things to him when he passed out. Like put newspaper hats on his head. Whoah- livin’ on the edge, daddio!

Who could have known that this little boy in Hungary, Andrash Roth, who was pretty much the living epitome of a cupie doll, would turn into…

… such a goddamn hippie.

Again- Hungary, 1940something…

… to Canada, 1979.

My oldest sister got a new boyfriend that wants to marry her, so my dad sent her this picture to show him so he’d know exactly who he was dealing with. He’s been going to the gym and pumping a lot of iron. He is apparently “hot and ripped.” Bryan’s words, not mine.

My dad sure loves having a digital camera so that he can document very serious and important moments.

Thankfully, after dating every single woman on the island of Kauai throughout the 70s and 80s, he found the one nice Jewish girl and married her.

My mom was a hottie. And all she’s asked all these years is for a good foot massage once in a while.

bye blog. hope you guys enjoyed my fam. i sure do.