BORN IN JUNE BASH/CONCERT WAS THE BEST NIGHT EVER. why? because EVERYONE i love was in one room at one time. AND cuz i made out. with aaron king. just editing that in to make it clear. he dont like anonymity.

Ashley came out to the bash with me. She is hot. And single. And a Leo. And likes taking walks on the beach. Seriously. You should date her.

there are no words. cameron is the best dude i know.

cary’s lookin goooood these days. sometimes when i am with him and rachie i pretend i am part of their awesome relationship. they humor me by feeling me up every so often.

my favorites.

my real favorite. alex and i are getting married when we’re like 70. here is a preview of our future life together: him being bored and me having a moustache.

when kari and i posed for this picture, a tiny drop of her beer must have dripped on my lip, absorbed, and gotten into my bloodstream through osmosis. cuz i wasnt really myself that night.

the morning benders created a rockin dance party. chris rocked so hard he disappeared.

hallie and rachael shake their rumps. badunkadunks.

Bob was there. Lookin good with his ‘stache.

Bryan was hanging loose.

anya is a babe. i wish i could say that i’d been wearing lipstick to the party.

i told jesse he was ruining my life and that i was going to kill him. he said i was channeling chelsuck. hear that, chels? i’m just tryin to make you proud.

this one time adri showed me the list of girls she would swing the other way for, and i was on it, right after milla jovovich. here are three pictures that prove how much she likes me.

…or how much i like her…

Also Priya is hella hot.

oh heyyyyyyyy.

if anyone knows where this dude is let me know. and tell him i’m single.