I spent the weekend in Marin watching Bua’s baby Akira. She’s my best friend. Her mom was at an all-day workshop, so for four whole days we played together, bathed together, napped together, ate together, cuddled, tickled, sang, danced, krumped. She rules. If anyone farts she immediately says “I fawted” and takes the blame. We could use her over at Etna house. Well, at least Marcy could.

This is Akira. I taught her a few things throughout the weekend. She now says “I’m a genius,” “bugger off,” and then a few key ali g lines. Here she is doing “high five.” By the last day she also said “Its niiiice, I liiike,” and “sexy time!”

We bonded.

She loves piggybacks. Who doesnt?

Shut up. Its not weird. Babies cant go in the bath by themselves or they’ll drown. I decided bathtime was over when she kept saying “boobies,” touched me inappropriately, and I realized that was the most action I’d gotten in a while. Bua called and said, “You took a bath naked with my daughter?! She’s not a lesbian.” I said, “Are you sure? Cuz she kept saying “boobies” and “vajinja” over and over.” Ok fine maybe the bath thing got a little weird.

Akira’s pretty gangster. She calls it her “hoodie.” Since her dad was a b-boy, she learned some b-girl poses:



Aki’s mom. Kara may just be the most beautiful woman alive.

Aki is a hardcore raw vegan. All she eats is breastmilk and raw fruits and veggies. I gave her some rice crackers and it made her nose run. My bad.

We have matching shirts. Organic gang.

She’s so cute it hurts my feelings. I miss her. It was a good weekend, Aki. BFF.