What better location for Chloe’s first bike ride in 10 years than Marin’s beloved Blackie’s Pasture bike path in Tiburon.

We were shocked and appalled at such a political correctness faux pas. We are petitioning for a name change to “Whitey’s Pasture”.

This is Blackie. This wasn’t the first time Marcy found herself wrapping her legs around the neck of a stranger.

This won’t be the last time Chloe attempts to mount Blackie.

Chloe was trying to scope out whether or not the Blackie statue was anatomically correct.

Marcy’s more of a tactile learner.

Off in the distance was a curious sight. After comming here for ten years, Chloe sadly realized for the first time that Blackie’s Pasture was also Blackie’s final resting place.

Apparently Blackie was a devout Christian.

The song says “if you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.” Chloe thought being able to see the Golden Gates counted. Hey, we’re just proud she left the house.

Chloe watched Marcy picking flowers for a while before informing her that they were poisonous. Marcy swore she wasn’t going to eat them. Chloe had her doubts.

Look no hands! Yea right, Chloe had barely taken her training wheels off.