February in Sequins

This was my fourth fashion week shooting in-house for J. Crew. The clothes change, of course, as do most of the models. Even the venue was new this year. But it’s the familiar faces that I like best. My experience on shoots has mostly been new faces and new situations for nearly every day of my career. Now working alongside the same designers and stylists is surprisingly comforting. Gone are the days of, “who’s that creepy photographer lurking behind the clothing racks?” Now I’m greeted with a familiar hello as I buckle down to shoot the castings, stylings, fittings, and finally, the presentation. Despite the familiarity, I’m strive to make something new each time.

J. Crew | FW 2014 | Men's Fittings

The Bravery Quotient

This is summer 2013, part 2.

“We swore blood brothers against the wind, I’m ready to grow young again…No retreat, No surrender.”

Summer 2013 | Lovebryan