Riffing off our Coney Island Christmas Eve adventure, I concocted a hairbrained scheme to go camping upstate and jump in a lake at exactly midnight on New Years. If even the best laid plans can go awry, then my bright idea was sure to fail. First of all, there was almost a foot of snow on the ground. While it looked like a beautiful winter wonderland, it was not ideal for pitching a tent. Still we tried setting up camp, when Danilo stumbled upon what may have been this fugitive walking down the trail with a shovel. When we went to investigate a park ranger was writing us parking tickets and told us that we couldn’t be in the park at night, especially with a murderer on the loose. More afraid of getting towed than being murdered, we decided to camp out at the nearest motel. The next morning we returned to the lake I was hoping to jump into. It was solid ice–walking on which was a crazy sensation. We then destroyed two brand new saucers sledding over rocks and between trees, and met some hungry deer. Happy new year.