Clothing Optional

Again with the backstage and runways. I shot another season of Fashion Week for New York Times T Magazine and was house photographer for J. Crew and Derek Lam. It was another week of trying not to be noticed by anyone, while trying to notice everything.


I didn’t have to turn on my fan before going to sleep last night. That’s how I know summer is coming to a close. In my annual elegy for the greatest of the seasons, I’ve decided to do it in two parts. The first is from various trips to the beach. I don’t know why it took me five years of living 15 short miles from the ocean to realize how incredible it is to swim at night. My favorite was to go at dusk when the glassy water reflects the orange sunset. As the world darkens, the reflection of the moon rising up and down is the only indication that you’re about to get pummeled by wave. I’ll always prefer swimming in rivers, but this year the ocean was a very close second.

As the sun was setting, the light was bouncing off rainclouds in the east and made for the most incredible light. Felt like we were in the Traffic-version of Mexico.