Last weekend India won the Cricket World Cup. I heard somewhere that there were supposedly one billion people watching all over the world, though I doubt anyone reading this website is among those one billion people.

I got a taste of cricket back in February. I’ve always wanted to go to India. Then I did…for three days. Can’t quite cross it off the bucket list, but it was a good glimpse into the country from the cricket pitch. I traveled to Dheli and Mumbai to shoot two players from India’s National Cricket Team — a young batter named Virat Kholi and a veteran bowler named Zaheer Khan. In India they’re the equivalent of Lebron and Kobe. And both great guys. I worked with Ben, Leo, and Sam to put together a lookbook for Nike India. These are photos from the trip and the shoot and the test shots. Although I still don’t really understand the game and also wasn’t one of the billion people watching, I followed the scoreboard to see how India was doing. I’m so stoked for the guys. And I’m looking forward to going back for a more extensive visit one day.