I can see through your eyes


old world

Cognac. Paris. Cardiff. Oxford.
That reoccurring Swede is Ivar, the host of the documentary. He also hosted True Norwegian Black Metal on VBS.tv.

Back in early fall, I worked a job and we flew around a lot. Here are some supplemental photos from the American portion of that experience.

kith and kin

Heading home gets better every time.

My dad flew in from Cairo. Him and my mom haven’t been together since I was kid, but she still made him bacon and eggs at 3am the night we got in. She’s taught me a lot about unconditional love.

2008 in photographs

I guess this is the third annual year in photos slideshow. These are probably my favorite photos from 2008. I’m not even sure what I like anymore. I’m hoping to figure that out in 2009.