black in white

Hasids shuffle through drifts to the beginning of the sabbath as snow blankets Brooklyn for the first time all year, further altering the perception of where and when.

These are miscellaneous photos from the last month or so. Feel free to make up your own stories.

Don’t sleep on Sweet Tooth Nelson.


In a fit of winter depression I watched Dancer in the Dark again. The upside is that it reminded me that I had photos from the filming of the Björk video Wanderlust, which I’ve been sitting on for 16 months. The video was directed by an eccentric pair called Encyclopedia Pictura and was shot in 3D. It took about ten months to finish but it’s pretty incredible and won Best Indie video at the UK Music Video Awards.

night skating

It’s been a long time since I went skating at night. Especially in winter. It sounds miserable but it’s incredibly liberating. It’s quiet; no one’s out. The bloodflow keeps you warm. You don’t have to worry about meeting girls or being at the right bar. Just push and roll. The way you cut through space and time and light, you’d swear you own the night.