the pits

I shot a few shows last month.


Late of the Pier.





Team Robespierre.

The Weight.

Crystal Castles.

in print

Here are a few photos of mine that was published recently.

Robstock from +1 Mag in the UK. I love the layout and it might be one of my favorite things to ever be published.

More from the God Went Surfing With The Devil project in Huck Magazine also out of the UK. Have you watched the trailers yet? So good.

The folks at LOOP out of Germany are always good to me and give me a lot of creative freedom. This diptych represents Captured and Free.

Chaos and Order from the current issue of LOOP.

This article is about Nachman Meuman, the raving rabbis of Tel Aviv, in last month’s LOOP.

Emerica turned a photo I took of Spanky on the Wild Ride into a logo for his new pro-model shoe.

It’s on the insole of the shoe as well as T-shirts and keychains.

bay days

A week in San Francisco in the fall of 2008.

Bass Pro Shop is incredible.


Prop 8 is a stake in the heart of love.

dia de los muertos

a little halloween

Halloween crept up on me like a specter in the night. As usual, I ended up in San Francisco where the house parties are bigger and the street parties are warmer.