hasidic dissent

Last week we found ourselves in Jerusalem where the Hasids were protesting the sale of leavened bread during Passover. Hundreds of Israeli soliders waited up the street while many more disgruntled men in dark coats and fur hats gathered in the square. Old men with grey beards shouted vehemently in Yiddish about the desecration of their Jewish state by secular interests. As more men gathered, we were pushed to the sidelines. Besides women, photographers were the least welcome attendees. The barrage of foreign sights and sounds only increased the tension.

As Alex said, “In most countries they protest because there

scenes from egypt

My father lives in 10th of Ramadan City. We spent a lot of time in the neighborhood.

There’s a global food crisis and Egypt is certainly feeling the effects of rising prices. I went to the market to see for myself.


I was just in Egypt visiting my father and family I never see. Despite hardly knowing me, they were incredibly loving.

My haaga had trouble staying awake the night I arrived. She married my grandfather after his first wife passed away. I didn’t even know she was still alive.

The patch on my Uncle Mohsen’s forehead is a result of prayer.

The baby is named Noor, which means light, and is the newest edition to an ever-growing family.

My aunt started a bird coop on the roof of their house.

Roaa is my favorite little cousin. We have no idea what the other is saying but laugh a lot.

Mohammed is another cousin of mine. There are no less than four Mohammeds in the family. This particular Mohammed is one of the kindest family members I’ve ever met.

Got together with The Morning Benders last fall and took some photos. They now have a new record coming out and are going on tour with The Kooks.

Oh yeah, they have a new music video and a blog.


I got commissioned to shoot my friends last week. Can’t beat that with a stick.