Canadian skate rock band STREETS (Skating Totally Rules Everything Else Totally Sucks) played a reunion show with Hightower last Saturday. Upon first riff, the stage and pit became one. So gnarly.

Hightower kicked off the madness.

And then STREETS.

Emerica turned a couple of my pictures into advertising.

Fall ’08 Catalog.

Jerry Hsu shoe is coming. This one or a similar version is in all the current skate mags right now.

I bought a new camera body from this person and this was a test shot. But this is how I’ve felt trying after all the drama of trying to keep this website going.

Pat was talking about Morrissey, seriously.

Jess played a show. I’m feeling the Black Sparrow.

A gentleman always brings flowers.

Me and the roomie are working it out.

The Stalkers.

Drawing straws.


Titty City, everyone’s favorite zine, has collaborated with Manik Skateboards to release an exclusive line of boards, T-shirts and even a coffee mug. Boobs and skateboarding–the best merger since peanut butter and chocolate. Look for the line at your local skateshop.

They used one of my photos for a way-too-big, way-too-white T-shirt. Good luck finding me in one of these.

Bon appetit.



eat your eyes

Hamburger Eyes had a photo show and book release in Brooklyn. SF needs to come to SF more often.

The Brothers HamburgerEyes.

Maggie Lee does Don’ts.

Benny the Bruiser.



mark of the beast

After this metal show, everything sounded like it was underwater for two days.

Children shreds.


Saviours haloed by a pentagram.