keeping up with the dirtses

There’s a magical building in Bushwick that serves as a safe haven for fast skateboarding and loud music against the perils of winter and whiny neighbors. It started when Bnels, Chuck Chatov, Brettland and Co. built a ramp in their living room. Not to be outdone, Principal Mark across the hall built a bigger, steeper ramp in his loft. Just as he finished laying down the last layer of fresh birch a party broke out. While Razortail played two sets, there was plenty of underage drinking, boards flying into the crowd and even a few stray girls.

an ode to williamsburg

Williamsburg is what it is and isn’t what it was. But I’m glad I’m here.

the year of the rat

I caught the tail end of the Chinese New Year Parade in Chinatown NYC. It’s the year of the rat and one more reason to watch Ratatouille again.


No stories. A little drama.

In love.

Super Tuesday.

Security guarding.

super tuesday

Kids in front of MTV attempting to Rock the Vote.